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Construction Quality Improvement Program
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Construction Quality Improvement Program
YTD Average: 94.5%
94.5% 94.5%
Information on the CQIP Measure
How to use this measure
Construction and Maintenance projects from all over the Commonwealth are selected for special review. Compliance with contract and plan specifications is evaluated on these active projects. There are over 1100 individual items in the review checklist; only those that apply at the time of the review are evaluated and included in the results.

Each of the applicable items in the checklist is rated as ‘compliant’ or ‘non-compliant’. The percent of compliant items is then calculated for each checklist section and for overall compliance. The target is to meet or exceed 91% overall compliance.

The results are grouped into six sections including things like Bridges and Structures, Roadway, Traffic, Incidental Construction, and so on.

Individual Districts may be selected, as well as some earlier years, from the drop-down filters. The tab labeled “Trends” shows the summary results for earlier years.
SectionCumulative FYTD Compliance Rating
Bridges and Structures97.3 %
General Provisions94.4 %
Incidental Construction90.8 %
Intelligent Transportation Systems 
Roadside Development96.1 %
Roadway Construction97.0 %
Traffic Control Devices94.3 %
Total94.5 %
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