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Highway Performance
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Data source under review - current data as of July 2015
Level of Service
Congestion at Various Interstate Locations
% of Vehicle Miles During Selected Period
Date Range:
30-Day Average:
Congestion Chart 0% 9% 90%
HOV Travel Speed Performance
% Travel above 45 mph (Northern VA only)
Date Range:
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Travel Speed Chart 94.43% 100.00%
Travel Time on Key Commuter Routes
During Peak Commuter Hours
Date Range:
RouteSegmentTotal MileageAverage Travel Times
(AM Peak)
Average Travel Times
(PM Peak)
Travel Times
at Speed Limit
I-66 EastBoundRt-234 to Rt-5010.6 miles14.0 minutes10.5 minutes10.0 minutes
I-66 EastBoundRt-50 to I-4957.0 miles7.5 minutes8.5 minutes6.5 minutes
I-66 WestBoundTR Bridge to I-49511.0 miles58.0 minutes61.0 minutes12.0 minutes
I-66 WestBoundI-495 to Rt-507.0 miles8.5 minutes18.5 minutes6.5 minutes
I-66 WestBoundRt-50 to Rt-2349.3 miles9.0 minutes13.0 minutes8.5 minutes
Information on the Performance Overview
This page shows the hi-lights of three key highway system performance measures: 1. Congestion at Various Interstate Locations, 2. HOV Travel Speeds, and 3. Travel Times on Key Commuter Routes. Each measure has its own set of data and rules, and should be opened up individually for more detailed information. You can open a measure up by either selecting it from the drop-down list (shown as “Choose Measure”), or just click in the title box for the measure.

There are two additional measures available by using the drop-down list that are not shown on this Overview page – Incident Duration, and Annual Hours of Delay.
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