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Citizen Survey Results
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Overall Satisfaction with VDOT
Satisfaction Chart 1% 11% 35% 37% 12% 5% Change
  5Very Satisfied
  1Not at all Satisfied
   Don't Know
Significant IncreaseIndicates statistically significant increase since the last survey
No ChangeNo significant change or no history
Significant DecreaseIndicates statistically significant decline since the last survey
One item in the District selection is “Statewide”. This represents the combined results for all VDOT Districts, weighted by populations.
Information on the Citizen Survey Results Measure
VDOT’s Citizen Survey is conducted by the Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR), a nationally recognized research firm. SIR uses a random-digit telephone survey of 1,800 Virginians around the Commonwealth to measure trends in citizens’ opinions with Virginia’s transportation program and VDOT’s performance.

The overall citizen satisfaction results measure can best be understood by also reviewing the individual elements that drive public opinion. These can be viewed within the performance measures menu (the drop-down list under “Choose a Measure” above).

It is also important to note that many other factors may influence citizen satisfaction including geographic area, urban vs. rural issues, and outside variables such as major weather events, political initiatives, and other factors. Thus, these numbers are best viewed as trends for individual areas of the Commonwealth and not necessarily used to compare citizen satisfaction in one VDOT district to citizen satisfaction in another during one snapshot in time.

Date RangeDistrictMeasureScore 1 (%)Score 2 (%)Score 3 (%)Score 4 (%)Score 5 (%)
2006[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]6%12%42%29%10%
Spring (May) 2007[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]5%13%35%37%10%
(January) 2008[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]4%12%39%35%9%
(July) 2008[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]5%11%40%33%10%
(January) 2010[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]6%12%42%31%8%
(September) 2010[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]5%11%41%33%10%
(December) 2011[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]5%10%40%33%10%
(September) 2013[Statewide][Overall Satisfaction with VDOT]5%12%37%35%11%
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