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Project Delivery
District     Road System   Date Range    
On Time: 98%
(FY2018 Target: n/a)
  Active Completed Total  
Red 3 0 3  
Yellow 5 0 5  
Green 318 30 348  
Total 326 30 356  
On Budget: 86%
(FY2018 Target: n/a)
  Active Completed Total  
Red 7 4 11  
Yellow 28 10 38  
Green 291 16 307  
Total 326 30 356  
Environmental Compliance
Cumulative Statewide Average: 99.2%
99.2% 99.2%
Financial Disclaimer: The dollar costs shown in the On-Budget section represent most of the cost of the project. However, the final payment to a contractor may not be known at this time, and there may be incidental costs, such as fuel adjustments, incentive payments, and material allowances, which are not included. Also, the extent of any potential claims may not be known at the time a project is completed, and are not included in the calculations.

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