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“The buck stops here.” Virginia's administrative measure reporting tool puts that adage into action. VDOT, along with every other state agency, periodically reports management’s administrative performance to the commonwealth’s executive leadership.

State Agencies report on their effectiveness in five critical categories: Emergency Preparedness, Financial Management, Government Procurement, Human Resources, and Information Technology. Every agency is assigned a color-coded rating for each measure, based on their performance in that category.

Agency heads rate their agency's performance according to certain criteria. Then semi-annually, the ratings are reviewed by the Cabinet, central agencies, and the Governor. By clicking on the Administrative Measures link in the Virginia Performs system, citizens can view the criteria and learn how state agencies are performing in critical management categories year-by-year.

When you are on the Virginia Performs site, you can use the drop-down list to select a time period, and then scroll down to the Department of Transportation results. You can click in one of the Green, Yellow, or Red boxes to see the criteria for the score.

To see how VDOT rates, click on this link and then scroll down to “Department of Transportation”:

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